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A new version of Evernote for Windows is available. You can download it here. Premium feature: Context. Evernote Premium subscribers get free, relevant content from sources such as the Wall Street Journal. Evernote does not share your data with Context sources. New and improved:. Click the attachments icon in a chat to view all notes and notebooks shared in it. Sort notebooks on the notebooks screen.

Use the View menu to navigate around the app when the left panel is hidden. Bug that caused some attached MS Office documents to fail to open. Bug that prevented modification of a scanned business card note. Various bugs that caused the app to crash. Just updated it. Love it. Just one thing. The font size of the note title is just too small.

I am on Windows 8. Just updated to 5. The font size of the note title is too small for me. I liked the size of note titles prior to this update. I’m on Windows 8. Other than that, all is good.

I’ve been using Evernote a little over a year and it’s become indispensable for both work and personal stuff. The upgrade went fine for me. I agree, the smaller font size for the title is uhmm I’ll just have to add this to the ever growing list of peculiar UI changes that I will have to adjust to.

At least they kept the line separator in there. I think I read that was taken away from the Mac folks. I do miss that the title is no longer pinned to the top of the note when you scroll through long notes. I found that useful and it is puzzling that it was removed. I know that disappeared a while ago but just thought I would bring it up again. Same here. As far as I can see the note title is now a useful 8pt.

My default text style is 10pt. Probably in Evernote’s view of the world note titles are anachronistic hangups from a broken view of the world and should be abolished. Same here as well, particularly the title font, what’s up with that. Everything seems to be working fine. Other than my pinned Thunderbird icon got trashed in the upgrade. Hmmm, interesting choice on the title font size was that a choice, Justin, or a minor whoopsie?

The smaller size isn’t disagreeable in my case; the title is often just repeated from the first line in the note text anyways, and therefore often redundant it also appears in the note list, and as the Window title when you open the note as a separate window. And it continues to get scrolled off the top if you scroll down in the note. I don’t see it as a big deal for me. That’s good news, thanks.

Any chance of a fix for the printing bugs that have been present for several years characters clipped, underlines striking through instead of under characters?

The context box in the lower right corner is popping up almost with every keystroke. It’s very distracting and makes Evernote unusable. And there appears to be no setting in Options to disable it no, there is no Context tab in Options. So I will need to find a way to go back to a previous version. Hopefully somebody can suggest a way to disable context or give us an option to disable it in a future version.

I’m glad to hear that about the text size. I am a senior citizen and have a lot of trouble reading that lol. I also agree with Siven about the context box. I am a non premium user. That little box comes up every time i do anything in a note So it is no use to me. Also, just having that big white area under my notes for no reason really bugs me. I read that it could be disabled by clicking on the context menu under options, there is no context menu I’m assuming because I don’t have premium.

So how do I get rid of this? I have already told a friend not to download this update until these issues are fixed. And will advise those that use premium most of which I recommended evernote to in the first place about the subject text size until the update comes out for that. My suspicion is that we missed an upgrade path. The font size of the note title is too small. It was perfectly sized before this update.

That was a useless and frustrating change. Please change it back. Premium member. Running on Windows 7. To everyone saying “me too”, please see the comments I made a couple posts ago – we’re looking for information about how to reproduce this. I deleted both of these files. I checked and the files were regenerated in the Datebases file. As far as I know Related Notes was off prior to upgrade as I don’t remember ever seeing them before. I’m looking at the code, and I see no way that the popup can occur if you are a free user.

Premium and Business users are enabled – which means you’d have the Options dialog tab too. We’re still working at reproducing this It seems logical to me that a user should be able to pick a font for both! Well, for the title, that would not be on a character level like the content, but I do believe a user should be able to select the font and size for the titles.

BTW, I also would rather have my titles always visible rather than scrolling. As for the Context box popping up, I’m a Premium user, and it pops up only once every time I start editing a note. That’s one time too many for me, too distracting, so I disabled Context. Isn’t EN’s philosophy to enable us to stay focused on work and not get distracted? What’s even worse regarding Context is that before I disabled it I would get a Context pop-up, but when I clicked on it, there was no context at the bottom!

Nothing – no notes or any other sources. I had related notes there before the update, now the bottom is blank. Seems to me that Context got rolled out too soon. Changing the registry value to 0 worked great! Thank you so much for all your help. I hope you get to the bottom of this to know how to fix it universally. Since i upgraded to latest version, my Windows client is not syncing..

I keep getting “Sync Failed”.. My Windows notes count shows , Web shows This is particularly helpful for users with slow Internet connections.. Pls implement this in Windows, pls. Bugs that caused sync to fail unexpectedly. Notes not syncing on Windows client.. All other clients working proper.. Someone please let me know, if there is a sync, else, i will back up database and restore to a previous version..

All my work is getting jammed because of this sync problem.. The small font size was a woopsie, how can it be? Does it mean you EN do not see your note title before releasing it?????


Download evernote windows 8.1 free

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Download evernote windows 8.1 free.

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