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Fifty missions ten planets, 35 Meehs, four gameplay styles, 19 new multiplayer maps, and something like 11 squillion weapons. If you’ve played MechWarrior4: Vengeance, this new stand-alone expansion pack offers a banquet of fresh, ground-shaking, robot warring action, complete with deliciously colourful explosions and a whole gigabyte of new content. Gameplay is just as before, meaning a short, steep learning curve followed by hours of second-nature hulk-to-hulk fighting – although the need for an aide-memoire for the mad array of keyboard commands will never fully leave you.

Revised multiplayer styles and a better Mechlab for all your customisation needs mean Mercenaries feels a smidge more accessible than its predecessor, and in the mighty multiplayer mode, you can now have up to eight Meehs stomping into battle alongside you. There’s something deeply satisfying about engaging an enemy unit, hollering out an order to attack, and then having gross tons of friendly machinery darken your cockpit as team-mates step in to defend you.

Multiplayer is where the game excels and is where most players stay. And, well, there we have it. Crunching into battle across fields, through lakes and down streets in something the size of a five bedroom house is an unusual experience – the psychedelic blast of lasers and the lurid fog of rocket swarms only adding to the game’s unique feel. The saw-tooth graphics do detract a little, and you’ll need a joystick for the best experience, but if you’ve not sat in the driving seat of a Meeh before, it’s about time you tried.

Somehow, even when I think I’ve found the Mech game that’ll end my need for these silly action games, providing me with a title that really, really sucks, Microsoft manages to whip up yet another in it’s never ending chain of Mechwarrior 4 games, and entertains me yet again. For those of you not yet introduced to the series, know that this title is, for the most part, the same as MechWarrior 4: Vengeance , which I reviewed at its launch.

The differences between the two are where Mercenaries stands out and shines. I tend to think of follow-up or expansion titles as a little less of a game then their original, as they’re using old material or relying on old gameplay. It’s the ones that update well that refresh the game for new players. Mercenaries offers more mechs to play with, along with a more streamlined mech customization system, an excellent campaign setting, and a good tie in of salvage and upkeep for your mercenary detachment.

Mercenaries is most certainly a step up from Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight which was a great example of how not to build a story-based expansion pack. Naturally, as a new version of the same game, there isn’t much more to look at graphically, but Mechwarrior 4 had nice graphics to begin with, so’h. I have no doubt that I’d immediately recommend this game to anyone who enjoys mech games, or even a good action title now and again.

Browse games Game Portals. Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Download Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries. Overall rating: 8. Armored Core 2: Another Age You are now a seasoned veteran of the Ravens, perhaps the most successful mercenary unit in existence.

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– Mechwarrior 4 mercenaries windows 10 download free

RickStone 0 point Windows version. I feel tired, maybe I should go 2 bed soon? Mechwarriog Work-Around SuperHappyFunTime 0 point. MetalPlague 1 point Windows version. Eclipsed 1 point. Music and sound effects are fine but no orders, lancemate confirmations etc


Mechwarrior 4 mercenaries windows 10 download free. MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

Hika -3 points.


MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries – Old Games Download.


Eventually MekTek decided to separate from the franchise. Controls are detailed with the ability customize for gaming comfort.

The graphics are solid for the time period. It is best played with a joystick. A game pad will work, but it is not as much fun. An entire gaming universe was created with the advent of the Astral Dominion League.

Clans could win resources, planets and fight for the honor of their clan. In a galaxy embroiled in war you find your loyalties lie with the highest bidder. Will you fight for House Davion, House Steiner or will you let your bank account decide? Nothing is cheap and everything costs you money. Want to make some fast cash? Try your luck on Solaris and see if you can rise to the top of the Solaris Tournament ranks.

Here you will, run fight, make temporary alliances and then stab them in the back! Full game released for free in without any support. Tankuality 0 point. It’s a technical nightmare to set up, thats just how the game is, not compatible by default with modern tech, but it seems to run fine, although, i AM missing a few mechs archer, marauder, marauder 2, warhammer, wasp, battle cobra, linebacker but overall it works well by the way, the instructions for how to install it here need updated, since it’s not that simple to install it anymore.

Screen resolution -1 point. I want to play x or better, since I have a NV GTX video card, but auto config at at setting above medium only gives me part of the screen not all of it. Yes I have the mek tek version but I would like full width screen, not this full screen with bars on the side like an old tv. Arkten 0 point.

This is by far the most comprehensive and effective guide I’ve found for installing all the MW4 variants. I thoroughly encourage you follow this link as it includes detailed win 10 instructions and various things like patches. Also, I suggest the mektek download as it’s the final version of the game and doesn’t need a no cd crack as it uses windows direct play.

Irie -9 points. I am here because I cannot play one more boring ass minute of Battletech PC! FOMO 0 point. I really liked the video cutscenes at the start of the games and the music was great in all of the games too. Sort of indutrial rock vibe to it all and when it was kicking off the music really added to all the action happening around you. Quality voice acting too and variety in the missions which were also quite long with objectives suddenly changing as things happened within the game.

In fact has everything the current Mechwarrior 5 is missing now.. MW5 plays way too much like it’s online cousin and much of what made the MW great seems to be missin gin the latest game. Give the license back to them! Mechfan 1 point. Like quite a few on this forum i had problems running the original Mechwarrior games discs on win Installing itself was not a problem, it would happen after pressing the games icons in desktop.

Just follow a previous instruction from a post below: I’ll repeat here. Download Met Tek Version. Unzip the file to chosen drive should come up automatically C:MW4mercs Just one problem least for me it won’t run from the shortcut, there’s an error that says: “missing language Dll” i have to keep opening the game from the exe.

Hope this helps. I followed an easy guide youtube video and downloaded all the Mech4 games and set them up properly with Voodoo support and both Mech4 Vengeance and Black Knight work perfectly but for some reason Mech4 Mercs still says it needs a disk 2.

Can someone help me find a way to bypass it? I would like a response on this issue because I really want to play with the new toys. Viertue -2 points. I want to download the big image ISO files. Hector Murray 0 point. Mods may want to host this file here. I got one way to get it to work on Windows 10 64 bit newest version. Download the original ISO 2.

Extract the ISO’s in the zip 3. In the search box in windows type “Powershell” 4. Now type in search bar ” Thispc ” 6. When it asks for 2nd cd of that drive letter. Hope this helps and is clear :.

Breits2 0 point. Read the books have all the house , comstar , star league , and unit books,the mech books.

Had the miniatures played it that way. Started buying the games for computer when they came out. This site is great downloaded mechwarrior 4 mercenaries unzipped and installed on my Predator gaming computer had alittle trouble with it being larg we than the screen did a restart and it started perfect. Been playing all day.

Karab 1 point. Vanguard 0 point. I did everything on the steps, and even dowloaded DirectX 9 and enabled DirectPlay. I try to open said file and it wont work. Is there a way to fix this? Great game, it was the first and one of the only that I became really involved with from a multiplayer standpoint PR1.

I might have to load it up again when I have some time. RIP brother. Clan Jade Falcon 0 point. OldGamerGuy 2 points. I’m trying to unzip and run a game using Windows 7.

The game ran on an earlier version of Windows. First I downloaded the program named 7Zip I am not sure if I correctly unzipped the file. I may not be waiting long enough.

Sometimes when I click a few times with my mouse, an animated mouse cursor for the game appears on the black screen. I try to select the option to go full screen, but then, it crashes to black screen again, and I get: Fatal Error Nested exception – Cause: EnterWindowMode. Nuttawet -2 points. I did all those methods, still doesn’t work, same problems. Maybe make new patch or new update for this game? The main menu will look fine, but once you start a mission, like training, the screen has a black bar on top, and hitting ESC has the menu shoved down in the lower right corner..

The Work-Around Nuttawet 0 point. When i try to play mech warrior 4 mercenaries on gameranger. MekbanditR 0 point. At the Battletech Retro Gaming League we have 2 download links for this both mektek 3. Boomerama 3 points. Download says it will take an hour which is fine with me but it doesn’t download anything, it just sits there. Markus 3 points. Followed instructions and everything is working great on my Win10 laptop.

Monte 1 point. Hi all, This was one I never played much and excited to have it working with Win 7. I am having issues figuring out a way to get it in Mainly because I want to record it. Not finding any good instruction on this.

Thanks all ahead of time. DasAntihero 1 point. A great game, and my favorite in the series next to MechWarrior 3. The instruction on how to get this game to play is already on this page. Look at the section above the snapshots.