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The price of RaidCall can’t be beaten and should put it at the top of everyone’s list who is looking for group chat software. Install instructions and troubleshooting available online. FAQ and support desk communication on available online.

Made with in Arlington, VA. RaidCall tools are geared toward gamers and group chatters by integrating text, voice and group chatting into one tool. Operating system: Windows Publisher: raidcall. Download RaidCall. Features: RaidCall is better than the competitors because it gives users the ability to use several different types of communication all in one simple, easy to use tool. RaidCall 7. RaidCall 8. RaidCall is the way to go if you want to have the easiest way to communicate.

From gamers to online users, this software makes it easier in spreading your voice across the web. The software offers several features like voice altering, sound effects and file share. This software is completely free, no gimmicks. Multiple languages can be used and up to , users. This software is worth a try. The purpose of this was mainly for someone who plays games and chats at the same time.

This is a software that is for specifically, a group of people who are playing together that what to stay chatting over voice. Similar to discord. Thomas Mateo. It is so much easy to make calls with this software while online gaming, the time delays feels so smooth.

RaidCall is one of the best ever software that I have come across when it comes to chatting with my gaming friends. It allows me to chat with them conveniently while playing and it does not lag or gives me any issue as it a very effective software that performs voice communication with high sound quality at the minimum delays possible. I will always recommend this to all gamers like me because I have always enjoyed smooth experience with it across all Windows versions I have used it with.

Raidcall appears to be software similar to Discord. It is a messaging tool that focuses on helping you chat with friends during games. There are private, password-protected chatrooms as well as the feature of “walkie-talkie” mode. This is a common feature in messaging software that allows the people you are chatting with to only hear you when you press a button.

This is a completely free app that allows you to easily communicate with your friends while playing games with them. It allows a group of people to stay connected while playing video games. You can create your own chatroom, and makes it super easy to communicate with other users in the game. If that weren’t enough, we can configure our group, adding passwords to only allow the players of our choice to join and create blacklists to make no one comes snooping around. RaidCall also has a rather social nature and its users can compete between themselves using the application’s points system, allowing them to increase their user level.

For every hour they spend online, each gamer receives a point maximum of 24 per day and each level has its own threshold of points, from level 1 with 0 points to level 45 with points required. Everyone tries to boast about having a higher level. After reading all the latter, one may ask himself why does he need RaidCall if he already has Skype installed on his PC, a much more extended program in the world of Internet.

To start off, it’s always a great idea to be able to use a program specialized in online video games and not a general VoIP application, especially if RaidCall’s voice quality is almost unbeatable. And secondly because it has a very low latency , which is essential in the gaming world in which one millisecond can mark the difference between winning or losing a game.

To all the latter we have to add its low resource consumption and the low bandwidth required to make it run smooth as silk. Furthermore, it’s also more versatile because it comes along with two modes. We can use the program like a walkie-talkie, just like Zello, in which we have to press a voice button to transmit, or in free conversation mode, in which we’ll leave or microphone open, being able to send and receive sound at any moment.

Taking all this into account, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that many clans already demand their members to have this program installed, at the expense of other similar applications like Vent, Mumble or TeamSpeak. Windows Games Accessories RaidCall 8. Requirements and additional information:.


– Raidcall download windows 10 free

It is a messaging tool that focuses on helping you chat with friends during games.


Raidcall download windows 10 free –

Sync2 for Outlook. Windows Games Accessories RaidCall 8. Cheat Engine 7. Raidcall appears to be software similar to Discord.