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Now, from to R2 i used Robocopy for the user shares and folders. However, now.. When I run this – all that happens is “nothing”. No action, no error, just in the CMD window the next prompt.

This command worked exactly like this on to move.. NET or whatever requirement? Looking forward to ideas and tips – and a big thank you too all spiceheads – you all make for an awesome community!

First a few things to clean up on the command you’re trying to run. I can’t seem to find anything about when I do a search. I’m not saying they are – I don’t know, but it’s an idea. Can you access the share on the old server manually by typing it into windows explorer? Does the root share on the new server have the proper credentials?

Make sure they are the same from the old share to the new share. When you say nothing is happening, I’m wondering if you’re just looking at the logs. Now, if no files are being transferred, generally something else is going on, but I’ve not seen the behavior where there was a problem and robocopy didn’t transfer and didn’t give an error message. All was the same, except that in the source location I’m mentioned as a person not part of the Administrators group and I wasn’t in the target.

So, added that, ran script again – and I got a result. An error, sure, but still – more than “nothing” which happened earlier. Ok, so there is an error showing with no files copying, that makes a difference from what you were seeing before. I experienced the same type of thing when migrating. Generally you can resolve this by running the robocopy command in an elevated command prompt.

Either scheduled task and setting it to elevate the process or just by starting your command prompt by doing a Runas Administrator. To be honest – I copied the initial command from a colleague who used that for moving files from one end to the other. I only changed servernames and disks if needed – and the first time it worked. I guess that Server is slightly more secure and picky as to what it accepts :. Thanks all for thinking with me – with all things happening I felt somewhat overwhelmed – and just could not see ‘it’ anymore.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. We are moving from R2 to R2. Command is run from the new server.

Best Answer. Lastly, read the link that Rockn posted above regarding admin rights and Robocopy. Edited:: because I have a tendency to write “Robocoyp” instead of “Robocopy. View this “Best Answer” in the replies below ». Popular Topics in Windows Server. Which of the following retains the information it’s storing when the system power is turned off? Submit ». Thai Pepper. Antonio This person is a verified professional.

Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. S Feb 13, at UTC. Tom This person is a verified professional. Antonio – not that I know of. NET to be installed The paths don’t look right.

Rockn This person is a verified professional. Rockn – I made sure my Admin account has full rights everywhere – and just double checked.

Guess I need to dig into the Server books I have : Mark Adcock – the same error is showing the the logs – no files have been transferred : And, I haven’t seen this behaviour before.. Okay – so – after a nice, relaxing and rosey weekend Valentines weekend I tried again. First, made sure my command window was in Administrator mode. I guess that Server is slightly more secure and picky as to what it accepts : Thanks all for thinking with me – with all things happening I felt somewhat overwhelmed – and just could not see ‘it’ anymore.

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Robocopy gui download windows server 2012 free.Robocopy gui


Those who are familiar with the utilities included in Windows Server Resource 20122, might have also tested the numerous functions of Robocopy. However, since it is a command-line utility, users might have a hard time benefiting from all its robocopy gui download windows server 2012 free, so a third-party application was developed, with the sole purpose of creating an interface to an otherwise fully-featured tool.

One can also specify the default source and target folders. The main function по ссылке the robocopy command is to allow users to easily copy files and folders from one directory to another without having this process aborted when network interruptions are detected — downloxd copying task is resumed once the connection is re-established.

In addition, users can define the number of retries that need to be performed when the process is not successful. Furthermore, the main window of RoboCopy’s GUI allows users to configure additional settings, such as copying all subdirectories excepting or including robocopy gui download windows server 2012 free empty ones or erasing the source folder when the copying process is complete.

Another way that one can use to customize the functionality of RoboCopy GUI is to specify the file information that needs to be copied when processing items — as such, users robocopy gui download windows server 2012 free choose whether to back up the details regarding ownership, auditing, date or security. Before proceeding with the tasks, users can activate the log function, thus making downooad they can review all the details about the folders they have copied.

All in all, RoboCopy GUI might serve as a great app provided one already has installed Windows Resource Kit Tools on their PC and wants to fully enjoy the versatility and flexibility of the robocopy tool.

RoboCopy GUI. A graphical user interface for robocopy command-line app that gives you full control over the program’s features, provided that you have installed По этой ссылке Resource Kit Tools on your computer. Load comments. RoboCopy GUI 1. All rights нажмите чтобы узнать больше.