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When a property claim is filed, the insurance company will assign its own adjuster to look out for its best interest.  Public adjusters are property claim experts that advocate for the property or business owner.  A common misconception is that general contractors have the expertise and licensing to properly handle a property claim on behalf of the policy holder.  In fact, other than the insured, the only professional that can legally negotiate with the insurance company is a licensed public adjuster.

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Experienced Experts

Our team of professional, licensed and bonded adjusters represent more than 100 years of combined experience working on various types of insurance losses. Many of our adjusters previously worked for insurance companies so they have insight into how they adjust losses and the ins and outs of maximizing your claim. At every adjuster's disposal are architects,  engineers and attorneys who specialize in insurance claims so that we can have every issue and question addressed on the spot.

Detailed Inspections

Our always free inspections of your home can reveal hidden damages that you may not be aware of. We conduct a thorough inspection of your home and document any damages whether covered by your insurance or not. When we visit our property, we will happily review your insurance policies and ensure that you have the proper coverage for your home or business.

Claims Adjusted In-house

Unlike many other adjusting firms, we do not simply refer cases to adjusting firms. Your claim will he handled by our experienced team at every stage of the claim process. Our full commitment to maximizing the value of your claim will be our focus.

Information Access

Our staff prides itself on always being available to answer your questions and provide whatever help is necessary. We recognize that experiencing property damage can be a stressful and will do everything to provide the information you need to minimzie the impact on your daily life.

Property Claim Experts

Capital Adjusting Services prides itself on providing the finest representation to each and every one of our clients, no matter the size of their claim. Our team includes public adjusters who have more than fifty combined years of experience. We regularly consult with attorneys, engineers, architects and general contractors who have extensive experience in the presentation of insurance claims and rebuilding damaged homes and business. It is this team approach that distinguishes our work from others as we utilizes all of the assembled resources to ensure that we are providing the best representation to our clients. Our clients should know that all of our consultants are retained by Capital Adjusting Services and represent no additional cost to them. This aspect of your representation is invaluable. We have learned that with the proper information and constant follow up by our team, insurance companies, when faced with information that cannot be challenged, will pay what they owe.

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