Capital Adjusting Services Can Handle Your Flood Damage Claim

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Many home and business owners do not realize that a typical property insurance policy will not cover damage caused by water that comes from the ground (known as floodwaters). The insurance companies make a distinction between water damage and flood damage. Water damage can be caused by a broken pipe or leaking roof. Flood damage is caused by water from an existing body of water - a lake or river, for instance - that rises and enters a property. It can also be the result of excessive rainfall. If you do not have a flood insurance policy to protect your property, your insurance company is not going to help you if your property becomes Read More

Flood Damage

Flooding Damage Check List

  • Contact Capital Adjusting Services
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Turn off the property’s electrical main
  • Document the damage with photographs
  • Allow the building to air out
  • Inspect the structure for cracks and other damage
  • Search for any wild animals that may have entered the property with the flood waters

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