Public Adjusters to Ensure Fair Compensation

Dealing with property damage can be stressful, time consuming, even mentally and emotionally draining. It doesn’t help that the adjuster sent by the insurance company may not be looking for your best interests. In fact, they may be actively looking for ways to minimize your claim. At Capital Adjusting Services we do the exact opposite. We work only to represent your interests as your public adjuster and maximize the value of your claim.

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Public Adjuster in Duluth , Minnesota?

Here’s the bottom line: a licensed, experienced public adjuster can get you the money you deserve.

At Capital Adjusting Services, our adjusters have years of experience in the insurance industry under their belt. They know all the behind-the-scenes tricks that insurance companies try to play on their customers, and they’re not afraid to call them out if needed. Rest assured, we will fight to make sure you get the full amount coming to you from your claim!

Licensed Public Adjuster in Duluth
Client Testimonial
Capital came through when NCJUA kept saying no. Our contactor needed more than $65,000 to repair our home after Florence tore the house’s roof off. Within five weeks of getting referred to Capital from our neighbors, they did a new estimate of all the damages, negotiated with the insurance company and made our nightmare end. Anytime you have a claim, get a professional to represent you as the insurance companies just do not want to pay what they owe.
Ken S.

Areas of Expertise in Duluth

Water Damage Claims in Duluth, MN

You can count on us to help you navigate water damage claims, and get the necessary funds for a full restoration.

Fire Damage Claims in Duluth, MN

When a fire ravages your property, it can feel like you’re climbing a steep mountain to get your claim processed. Our adjusters can help you to get the highest possible payout from your fire damage claim, so that you can rebuild bigger and better!

Storm Damage Claims in Duluth, MN

Whether your property suffered damage from a destructive pop-up storm or a slow-moving front, we’ll help you get the maximum amount covered by your policy.

Hurricane Damage Claims in Duluth, MN

Besides regular storm damage claims, we also support clients who file hurricane damage claims.

Vandalism Damage Claims in Duluth, MN

If your property has been vandalized, our experienced specialists will ensure that you get adequate compensation to fix the damage.

Business Interruption Claims in Duluth, MN

An interruption in regular business activities can mean a significant loss of income. We’ll help you to fully recoup your losses from any qualifying event that caused a significant disruption in your normal business operations.

Mold Damage Claims in Duluth, MN

We have years of experience handling mold damage claims and getting the highest possible payout for our clients.

Commercial Claims in Duluth, MN

Our team of adjusters will help you to get a just amount from any claim related to commercial property damage.

Flood Damage Claims in Duluth, MN

When a catastrophic flood hits your area, you can count on us to fight for the highest possible compensation on your flood damage claim.

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Choose Capital Adjusting Services for All Your Insurance Claims in Duluth , Minnesota

At Capital Adjusting Services, we have a team of qualified, licensed, and bonded property claim professionals who can perform thorough inspections of our client’s properties without any cost. We can identify hidden damages and help you to maximize your settlement. In addition, our claims are all adjusted-in house and no cases will be referred to third parties. The best part is that you pay us only after we have successfully recovered damages.

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