After the Fire Department, Call Capital Adjusting Services

Trust Capital Adjusting Services with Your Property Fire Damage Claim

Whether the fire at your home is only a small kitchen fire or one that involved many rooms, the task of dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be daunting. Unfortunately, the damage caused to a home by a fire is not limited to what we can see. An early evaluation of the source and scope of loss is crucial. Smoke is associated with most fires and goes well beyond the obvious black haze we see. Repairing the damage usually goes beyond the cosmetic that can easily be seen and may require soot removal, structural restoration and deodorization. In some cases, a property may be rendered uninhabitable. Under these circumstances it is critical to have an expert on hand. Our skilled Public Adjusters understand that fire damage is difficult to analyze, and they have a proven track record of accurately assessing the scope of damage and evaluating your insurance policy to ensure the maximum recovery.