We Can Help With All Types of Hurricane Property Damage

Trust Capital Adjusting Services with Your Hurricane Property Damage Claim

The United States and Puerto Rico have suffered their fare share of hurricanes during the past several years. The images of damaged homes and businesses we see on TV only tell part of the story of people's suffering during these natural disasters.  The other part of the story is the recovery from the hurricane and the insurance process. After Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005, insurance companies infamously made distinctions in their policies severely limiting property owners' ability to recover what was owed.  It is very important for you to have a public adjuster on your side to evaluate your specific policy, make an accurate record of the damage that occurred, and present your claim to the insurance company in a manner that maximizes the amount owed to you.

Hurricane winds can cause both visible and non visible damage to your home and business. Our team at Capital Adjusting Services can thoroughly evaluate your home or business to ensure all damages are reported so that you receive payment for all damages that are covered under your policy.

Hurricane Preparedness Check List

  • Find out if you live in an evacuation area and your property's vulnerability to wind, flooding and storm surge.

  • Make a list of important contacts including the Emergency Management Office, local law enforcement and rescue services, hospitals, evacuation centers, your insurance company and Capital Adjusting Services.

  • Gather emergency supplies including non-perishable food and medicines.

  • Develop and emergency plan including caring for pets and elderly family members.

  • Secure your property.

Find more information at the National Hurricane Center website.