Mold damage is terrible when it takes place because it has multiple effects that can cost you your health, money, and even affect the structural integrity of your home. To make it worse, mold infestations typically suggest a larger problem within your home that will probably require even more money to fix. If you are not careful when making your mold damage claim, you can easily end up making a lesser claim than you should. This is why experts always advise homeowners to engage public adjusters when making mold damage claims. This is because public adjusters are able to help you understand the magnitude of the problem and what will be required to fix it. Here are some other reasons why you need to work with a public adjuster for your mold damage claim.


Handling Insurance Companies Becomes Easier

Many homeowners forget that when you file your claim, the interests of the insurance company and yours are no longer aligned. Insurance companies focus on paying the least possible (they prefer if they don’t pay anything at all) and so every stage of the interaction will be about minimizing the amount that they will pay you. Without a public adjuster by your side to look after your interest, this becomes a one-sided process where the insurance company has the advantage. The outcome, most of the time is a forgone conclusion.

Public Adjusters Know the Process

Insurance companies spend every single day reviewing mold damage claims and estimating which ones to pay. For an average homeowner, this would probably be the first time they are making a claim. This means that the insurance companies understand the process as well as the loopholes better than you. They can instantly recognize when you make an underestimate of the loss at hand but they will never correct you unless you have overstated the amount. Knowing this, homeowners who engage public adjusters for the mold claims instantly get years of experience in mold damage claims working for them as well. You are thus more likely to get a more realistic claim settlement if you work with a public adjuster than if you choose to go it alone.

Public Adjusters See Hidden Costs

While you may only see the damage that has been caused by the mold on your wall, the public adjuster can often offer a more realistic assessment. For example, if you have a mold problem in your attic, fixing the problem is not just about restoring the wall. Such mold damage suggests that there is probably a leak on the roof or a problem with the A/C unit. Thus, when a public adjuster is helping you put together your claim, they will include the costs of assessing and fixing the root of the problem. This saves you thousands of dollars that you would have had to pay from your pocket. Public adjusters are your greatest allies when it comes to making mold damage claims. They help you put together your claim and work with you to get a fair settlement.


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