The relationship between you and your insurance company can get pretty complex. On one hand, you probably bought the insurance cover on the promise that the insurance company will be there for you when you need them. While this is mostly true, the relationship between the two parties is not as straightforward as the statement implies. Insurance companies make greater profits when they take in as many premiums as possible and pay as little liability claims as possible. Given that most insurance companies are profit-seeking entities, the first part makes perfect sense (the insurance salesmen, the marketing adverts and so on). What usually stumps insurance policyholders is the second part and this leads us to the main goal of insurance adjusters.

Who are Insurance Adjusters?

Insurance adjusters are insurance professionals who work for (or are contracted by) insurance companies to assess customer claims, liaise with other insurance adjusters, and perform administrative tasks. Insurance adjusters typically process dozens of cases in a day and talk to as many claimants in the same time period. A distinction is made between these adjusters and public adjusters who are exactly the same as insurance adjusters with the difference that public adjusters work for the claimants and not the insurance companies.

Main Goal of Insurance Adjusters

While adjusters perform a variety of tasks for the insurance companies, all these tasks pale in significance when compared to their main role. The primary purpose of adjusters is to reduce the liability of their insurance company. In other words, they are paid to try and get the least possible money paid against your claim, if any payment is made at all. For homeowners or other claimants who suffer vandalism damage or any other kind of loss, this might be very confusing, especially because adjusters try very hard to make you think they are on your side. You need to remember that all this is perfectly legal and so you need to be very careful when dealing with adjusters.


Some of the Tricks Insurance Adjusters Use

In order to undermine your claim, insurance adjusters resort to tactics that range from legal to borderline illegal. Simple tricks include trying to get you to give conflicting information between one statement and another while using any discrepancies as proof of lying. Some insurance adjusters look for unfavorable reports from the police or the fire department and use these against you. Another very common trick is to basically ignore you and delay the process as much as possible. The rationale behind this trick is the fact that they know that many Americans will not pursue the matter any further especially if the damage is minor. Most Americans caught in such cases simply count their losses and move on. Borderline illegal tricks include misleading you regarding your claim and even threat.When you engage a public adjuster to help you with a claim, then the equation radically changes. Insurance adjusters are unable to hide behind legal jargon because an experienced public adjuster has seen them all. Secondly, having a public adjuster by your side makes it very hard for the insurance company to trip you up during claim submission or when taking statements.

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